Getting to Sardinia and Travelling in Style and Comfort
With three international airports, you can see why Sardinia is such an accessible place for every single traveller of the world. Elmas Airport is located in Cagliari, while there is also Alghero Airport and Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport for you to go for. According to your needs and based on the time of the year when you wish to travel, there are a lot of charter flights that will offer you the optimal solutions for holidays. Of course, Meridiana Fly is the most prominent airline that you can choose to use; still, a lot of low-cost airlines will also help you out remarkably with your transportation.

If you are not such an enthusiast of flying, you can always select the option of sea ferries. There is a well structured network of ferry boats and there is the outstanding number of 40 harbours that can serve the needs of tourists. Even if you have got your own boat, you can get all the conveniences that you are entitled to across these harbours. As far as roads are concerned, though there is no Autostrade like the rest of Italy, the network created in pretty amazing. So, you will not have any difficulty moving around and driving from one place to the next. Last but not least, trains can also help you out with your transportation and the railway network is well organized, as well. As for public transportation, buses are the best chance for you to get inexpensive and practical connection among the numerous points of interest in Sardinia. Taxis and shuttle buses complete your alternatives, in order to best enjoy the island’s best attractions and sights.

Sardinia can take pride in having a well developed network for all the guests to arrive smoothly and confront with no obstruction whatsoever. So, you are more than welcome to arrange for the most suitable transportation option that matches your criteria!