Top Beaches in Sardinia for Unforgettable Dives in the Mediterranean Sea
Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and the continent of Africa. Therefore, it can take pride in having exceptional climate and amazing landforms. The waters of the Mediterranean are refreshing and can provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore the wonderful life under the sea, as well as indulge in pure luxury. If you are eager to explore the best beaches in the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea (since only Sicily is larger than Sardinia), you had better have a look at the highlights among them!
First and foremost, there is Spiaggia Rosa or else the Pink Beach stretching across the coastline and luring travellers worldwide. Its distinctive colour has derived from the presence of corals and seashells and it is a picturesque beach that can host all sorts of water activities. Apart from this beach, you should also pay a visit to Porto Pino. This is a marvellous location, which offers unparalleled white sand and rejuvenating shades from the pines. The water is dazzling and you can even admire the flamingos in the area nearby. For something less crowded and revitalizing due to the heavenly scenery, you can visit Berchida and sunbathe, while lying on the silky beach of pure white. S’Archittu is a pleasant change to the sandy beaches, since it offers small pebbles and a natural cove that embraces the waters and gives you the chance to swim in the most inspiring surroundings.
Of course, we could not leave out Spiaggia del Principe from the top beaches of the island. Wonderful sand and corals are blended together in utter harmony and you can engage in snorkelling or scuba diving in this splendid location, the beach of the prince!

Sardinia is world renowned for its fabulous beaches and the abundance of opportunities to relish the refreshing benefits of the Mediterranean Sea, the sunlight and the superb temperatures!